Organic Semi Abstract Series

honey trap featured

I had been painting realistic images in a realist style, collaging images together to create one new image a pieces of art. This subsequent series began as a follow-on and retained the collage element, but instead of using realist imagery relied instead on entirely graphic elements built up in layer upon layer of acrylic paint until the completed image returned.

Over time these became more simplified and the colour palette featured a lot of white background in evidence. This more pared down, graphic-style continued on in my illustrative scenes in My Fairytale Life series.

Sammlung Schirm

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 23.08.28

I’m a bit late posting this, the painting below is included in the invitation and in an exhibition of works belonging to the German art collector Olaf Schirm. The exhibition is currently showing in Berlin.

The show runs until the 11th of October and there will be a talk with Olaf Schirm on Thursday the 8th of October at 7pm. All the details in the official invite, or gallery website below:


Connections 5 Exhibition Bristol

saucer of milk

saucer of milk

Saucer of Milk, digital print, 2012


Some of my works (sculptures, deep frames for wall hanging and the photograph above) will be exhibited in The Courtyard Gallery in Bristol as part of the Connections 5 exhibition.

Also exhibiting are Helen Warner who has amazing etherial figures within landscapes as subjects for her really stunning photographs, and abstract paintings by Kate Theodore which are vibrant and gestural and exceptionally well-executed.

The launch is on the 26th of September from 6.30pm to 9.30pm – to be included on the guest list email

The exhibition is also open on Saturday the 27th – Sunday 28th Sept 11am – 5.30pm, and by appointment until 24th October 2014.

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The exhibition takes place in an apartment within the stunning Paintworks complex in Bristol and this beautiful warehouse space will be transformed into a gallery space for the exhibition. This reminds me of the Freakshow exhibition I had works in in Berlin, which was also a live/work space and which the curator periodically transformed into a large gallery space. Had I my own large warehouse space I would absolutely do the same myself.

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Me and My Shadow Solo Exhibition



I have been a neglectful website updater – the reason being I’ve been very busy finalising all the stuff for my solo show. However, one shouldn’t forget to alert people that their solo show is in fact on at all.

Above is the beautifully designed invitation for the exhibition (design for Meath County Council by

And here is the information about the exhibition:

The exhibition is presented by Meath County Council Arts Office. 

The opening night is on Tuesday 26th of August at 7pm in Ashbourne Library and Cultural Centre.

The exhibition, entitled ‘Me and My Shadow’ will be opened by award-winning author of The Herbalist Niamh Boyce.

The exhibition explores various emotions one experiences in solitude, with doll-like figures posing within their personal environments and evoking different emotions such as dreams, thoughts, hopes and fears.

The exhibition runs until the 23rd of September and is open during library hours.

Below is a piece publicising the show featured in the current edition of the Meath Chronicle.

Toradh Gallery Meath Chronicle article

Me and my Shadow Solo Exhibition 2014

Me and My Shadow

Me and My Shadow

My third solo is coming up this August 26th and will run until September 23rd. It’s taking place in the Toradh Gallery which is in Ashbourne, Meath. I will be showing a mixture of paintings and small sculptural works in wall-hanging boxes which I’m busy working on right now (which is why this website and blog has not been updated often enough).

The 2014 Toradh programme can be found here for dates of this year’s other exhibitors.

Parallax Art Fair 2012

Parallax Exhibition View

I took part in the Parallax Art Fair 4 in Chelsea Town Hall, February 2012. My exhibit was two digital photographs mounted on aluminium Pearly Gates and Saucer of Milk.

I also opted to display the subjects of the images, i.e. two small sculpted figures, one small topless figure with brown hair and a wistful expression and the second a vampire with blue hair, limbs sculpted to create a the appearance of twisted tension, as if she has just been caught in the act of doing something she shouldn’t.