Response to Beauty Exhibition

online invite

online invite

I have works in this upcoming exhibition which opens on the 27th of November 2014 in Trinity House, Thomas Ashe St. Cavan. The exhibition runs daily 12- 6pm, until the 7th of December.

This exhibition was curated and organised by poet Heather Brett following a series of talks and lectures up in the Cavan Burren and surrounding areas such as Dowra, the Marble Arch Caves and Lough Ouchter. I gave a talk myself at one of the events up in the Cavan Burren about the use of texture within art.

The exhibition will showcase some of the participants’ works, not limited to visual art but also including poetry and music.

There is a facebook page for the event:

A Fragile Trust



‘A Fragile Trust’ – readings of poetry and music along with art from participants to the Response to Beauty Project (including myself) as part of Culture Night 19th Sept, Buddhist Centre, Bawnboy.

I gave a talk as part of the Response to Beauty events in the Cavan Burren and wider Geopark which stretches across the border of north west Cavan and into Eniskillen in the Northern Ireland. Also speaking were photographer Milca Gabb and poet Noel Monaghan. The aim of the project which was organised and coordinated by Heather Brett was to bring together a loose network of creatives in and around Cavan county in Ireland and to use the Cavan Burren and wider Geopark encompassing the Marble Arch caves in Eniskillen as inspiration for their various art practices which cover story telling, photography, poetry, art and music.

This exhibition is a showcase for some of the responses to the area with a possible enlarged exhibition on the same theme to come later.

Exhibition opens 7pm on the 19th September 2014 at Jampa Ling Buddhist Centre,  – all welcome. Further details on the invite above. 


Response to Beauty Cavan Burren

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The poet, editor and artist Heather Brett kindly asked me to give what will, hopefully, be an inspiring talk with images about using texture within art in relation to the Cavan Burren. This will be one part of a series of talks and events happening on different days over a period of a few weeks from July to September.

My day will be August the 30th and on this day the subjects of photography and design will also be covered. Included in the programme are walking in Cladagh Glen, a trip to the Marble Arch underground caves, talks on the arts, biodiversity, geology, literature, archeology and photography – depending on what day you attend.

I have visited this area and can truly say it is both unspoiled and spectacular, not only are the views on the drive to this destination wonderful, but the Cavan Burren itself is full of ancient monuments and historical interest. It feels like a very special and magical place, mossy, stony, hilly, ancient and forested and I’m looking forward to linking this landscape to textural techniques within art for my talk. To this end, I’ve been busy gathering artists, designers and craftspeople’s images with the view to providing anyone attending my talk a the spark participants to include textures in a new way within their own art practice in relation to the Burren and its landscape.

All the details of these events are below. Please note that participation is limited and also free and places are filling up! So, if you are interested in attending any of the days get in touch using the contact details:

Response to Beauty A shared learning Experience.

For more details please call:

or email:

Heather Brett will co-ordinate and facilitate 4 dates offer Cultural Arts discussions & workshops based on responding to the Cavan Burren & the wider Geopark. Talks are aimed at writers, artists, photographers, musicians, craft persons – amateurs to professionals – those interested in exploring the beauty of the Geopark through different artisitic disciplines. Informed experts will enable a deeper consideration of the area of West Cavan allowing the group to interact and develop their ideas with the assistance of the facilitator.

Talks by experts in biodiversity, geology, archaeology, literature, art and photography will take place over 4 dates in West Cavan. These dates/events are free but places are limited so booking is essential (*September dates to be confirmed)

Dates: July 27th, August 30th, September 13th & 19th* 11am-4pm (Light lunch included) Cultural discussions & workshops aimed at an artistic response to the landscape of the Cavan Burren and the wider Geopark.

Sunday 27th July Guided tour of Marble Arch Caves Fermanagh; a walk in the Cladagh Glen &  a talk on the Arts & Biodiversity

30th August: Art & Photography (Texture/Textiles, Light & Design (The Cavan Burren)

13th September: The Built Heritage/Geology & Archaeology (Moneygashel, Blacklion)

19th September: Culture Night (Jampa Ling Bawnboy) Each day the group (maximum 12 participants) will be working towards a body of work (that can be on-going) as part of a Culture Night Showcase Exhibition in Cavan on Friday 19th September (Venue TBC)

‘This project will reconnect us to our landscape, to celebrate through art and words this amazing history. The Earth has shaped who we are; our mythology, folklore and traditions. These areas (Global Geoparks) have strong links to the arts communities where the synergy released by bringing science and the arts together can yield surprising results’

The 4 dates will take place at different spaces in West Cavan. Places are limited, and you may book for all 4 dates or less – so book early. August 30th will be held in Blacklion and includes a picnic to the Cavan Burren with talks by artists, writers and photographers. For more details on how to book please ring 0870534737 or email: